Freeze-Dried Treats Duck Neck (100g)


Freeze-drying ensures that the natural nutrition components are intact. This method of preparing treats also retains the aroma and flavours of food which keeps it delicious for your pets! Freeze-dried treats have very good shelf life too and is super easy to serve.

Freeze-dried treat is a healthy option for treats but it doesn’t make it any less convenient. It can be eaten as is (as a treat), it can be rehydrated, and it can also be used as a food topper or food mix. Choosing to rehydrate is also quick and simple, you can do this by adding some warm water or broth to the freeze-dried treat

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Duck necks offer high protein content, essential for growth and muscle maintenance in pets. They also contain notable levels of glucosamine and chondroitin, supporting optimal joint health. Additionally, duck necks provide a natural source of calcium, aiding in bone strength. The act of chewing duck necks also releases endorphins, promoting good mental health for your pet.

– 100% Natural Human Grade Ingredients
– Single Ingredient Treat
– No Additives & Preservatives – High Protein
– High Palatability
– Rich in Nutrients

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude protein ≥50.77% , Crude fat ≥2.49%, Crude fiber ≤1%,, Moisture content ≤3.2%

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