Freeze-Dried Duck Feet


Great for chewing without risk of sharp bones and fragments! Freeze-drying ensures a crunchy but safe to eat chew.

Bones in their raw state are soft and bendable while cooked bones are brittle and splinter when broken. When heat is applied through regular dehydration, even at a low temperature, it still changes the bone structure which may possibly cause splinters (especially with larger bones). Freeze-drying ensures that all bones in our chews easily crumble and do not splinter! Freeze-drying ensures that the natural nutrition components are intact.

This method of preparing treats also retains the aroma and flavours of food which keeps it delicious for your pets! Freeze-dried treats have very good shelf life too and is super easy to serve.

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1pc per pack

Product Benefits:
– 100% Natural Human Grade Ingredients
– Single ingredient Chews!
– No Additives & Preservatives
– High Protein
– High Palatability
– Rich in Nutrients
-Freeze-Dried Chews support oral health and clean teeth
-Nutritious between meal snack
-Single-source protein

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